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Only Time Will Tell: Hedging Ahead in the Expectations of a Shifting Fed

Only Time Will Tell_ Hedging Ahead in the Expectations of a Shifting Fed

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll pivot back to Jay Powell and the Fed from Pete Townshend and The Who. Two of my favorite subjects 🙂

The minutes of the Fed meetings that took place November 1-2 were released last week.

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Seeking Shelter from Shelter

CPI 7.7% - shelter housing B

Last Thursday was an incredible day for virtually all markets. That is when the CPI report was released, and inflation came in a bit lighter than expected which in turn lit a fire under the bond and stock markets. The NASDAQ was up by more than 7%,

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Purchasing Power and Paris

Paris Gary and Heather October 2022

Although the hawkish Fed has made it more challenging for many businesses in the United States, it has also resulted in some beneficiaries. One is just plain old savers who, during Covid, essentially earned 0% on their idle savings. With the Fed aggressively raising short-term rates,

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Stuck in the Middle with You in London


I recently visited London for meetings with insurers. This is the second year in a row I went for these meetings, and the third overall. In spite of the time and cost, I came away convinced that it was well worth it,

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All Roads Lead to the Fed

All roads lead to the Fed

I was traveling internationally last week for some meetings in London as well as a side visit to Paris prior to Chunneling it to London. While I was hoping to discuss Paris this week, given limited time and the market’s reaction to last week’s CPI report,

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Biden vs MBS

President Biden Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS)

The Post Millennial Peter Doocy_ _The President says no one F's with a Biden, but it appears OPEC+ has

President Biden was caught on a hot mic when visiting Florida telling the mayor of Fort Myers that “No one Fs with a Biden.” As the tweet above shows, however, it appears that OPEC+ is doing just that. The question is, what will Biden do about it?

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Miss Truss(t)'s Hail Mary

Miss Liz Truss(t)'s Hail Mary B

FT Alphaville September 29, 2022 Twitter

The value of a country’s currency is a good barometer of its economic policies, human capital, competitiveness, freedoms, growth prospects, etc. From this chart, one can see that Great Britain has been on a long decline from a competitiveness standpoint versus the United States.

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Lag Effects and the Kamikazi Fed

Kamakazi Fed

One of the things that I periodically do with my trainer are exercises that focus on getting my heart rate to 80% of its maximum after starting at 75%. It’s done to stress the heart and to see how quickly it can recover. I have used an exercise bike and versa climber to facilitate this,

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To Russia with Sanctions

Russia Sanctions Russian Economic Sanctions

I have had somewhat of a morbid fascination trying to ascertain the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy and everyday life. Information hasn’t been that easy to come by. The most public evidence that Russia has been holding up comes from still robust revenues from energy exports and the surprising strength of the ruble.

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Half Way There? Investing Legends and Longevity

Investing Legends

Labor Day is always a good time to reflect on people who love what they do. The recent passing of famed investor Julian Robertson at the age of 90 got me thinking about other legendary investors who also lived very long lives, including those still living.

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