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Gary Carmell SpeakerGary Carmell is a dynamic speaker who has consistently informed, educated and entertained a room of over 300 people for the last 18+ years as a keynote speaker for CWS Capital Partners’ annual investor meeting.

CWS has a loyal cadre of over 700 current investors. One-third of those investors have invested with CWS for 20 years or more. The current average relationship duration with our investors is 19 years. CWS earned this loyalty through its values and meeting its investment objectives of current income while preserving principal.

When Carmell started in 1987, the firm had a real estate portfolio of approximately $250 million in manufactured housing communities and today it is almost entirely focused on owning, managing, and developing apartment communities with over $4 billion in value. The transformation of the company and Carmell’s personal growth and journey are quite fascinating.

Over the years Carmell has also become a student of important macroeconomic, social, and demographic trends which he has synthesized into actionable insights that have helped allow the firm to navigate through very turbulent economic waters while protecting investor capital and generating compelling returns.

His liberal arts background has enriched him with a deeply curious mind that looks to multiple disciplines to help form mental models, draw parallels, establish powerful analogies, and formulate important insights to communicate complicated subjects in accessible ways.

He has tapped into his eclectic interests in such broad areas as music, art, poetry, movies, and other non-investment disciplines to connect the seemingly unconnectable and to convey to CWS’ investors how CWS positions itself as a result of these ideas.

Carmell has amplified his CWS presentations with in-depth and informative quarterly letters and annual writings to convey in real-time how the firm is thinking about key events taking place and how CWS will be positioning itself to either take advantage of the opportunities it sees unfolding or avoid corresponding material risks.

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