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The Philosophical Investor by Gary CarmellThe goal of my book, The Philosophical Investor: Transforming Wisdom into Wealth, is to teach readers the innovative strategies that I have developed over the years that can help anyone become wealthy in finance and more importantly, in life. Through my firsthand experience as a financial expert and professional, I have chronicled the dynamic connection between intelligent investing and intelligent living thus showing how anyone can generate great wealth.

As success has come over the years, so has perspective – my definition of wealth has expanded immensely beyond the financial realm after going through some powerful experiences in both my professional and personal life (including the terrifying stroke my son suffered at age two).

In The Philosophical Investor, I strive to illustrate how our lives are much like nature, an ecosystem, and the financial markets. Most of the time, they plod along from day-to-day with nothing out of the ordinary taking place. Then Shift Happens and there are those rare moments when in an instant something transpires that can change the course and trajectory of our lives by impacting our physical well-being, our careers, our relationships, those we care for, or our financial resources.

Knowing how to identify these moments will determine one’s ability to position for success. Armed with that information, readers will then learn how to acquire wealth if they possess a couple of basic things, including:

  • The wisdom to avoid catastrophic errors;
  • The hunger to look within to correct and grow from mistakes, which includes the foresight to prepare for pitfalls and setbacks;
  • The resources (financial, physical, and emotional) to recover from those setbacks;
  • And the courage to seize opportunity, and experience life with love, compassion, joy, and wonder.

Throughout the book, I tap into my diverse experiences in addition to theories of some of the great minds and thinkers like German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, William Shakespeare, mythologist Joseph Campbell, economist John Maynard Keynes, Warren Buffett, George Soros, famed investor Charlie Munger sharing my Munger Moments and musicians from the Grateful Dead to Bob Dylan.

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