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The Philosophical Investor (My Book)
By Gary Carmell

In this video, I discuss my book, The Philosophical Investor: Transforming Wisdom into Wealth. I discuss how I have incorporated the philosophical teachings of some of the greatest minds of our time into innovative financial planning strategies. I show how passionate I am about helping individuals amass great financial wealth and become wealthy in life.

What is True Wealth?

In this video, I discuss the 5 things that contribute to a deeply satisfying life.

Can Anyone Become a Philosophical Investor?

Do you believe that anyone can become a philosophical Investor? Watch the video and see what I have to say about the subject.

How to Identify and Leverage Your Munger Moment

In this video, I talk about identifying your “Munger Moment”, a term I coined, when taking the right action at the right time you can change your investing and your life.

What To Do When Shift Happens?

In this video, I talk about how to navigate those tectonic shifts in life and finance.

Renter Nation

In this video, I discuss that as the economy started to recover in 2010, we at CWS realized that single-family housing which was what got us into the near global depression wasn’t going to be what got us out. We believed that in the wake of the job growth, manifesting itself, the households being formed were going to be much more renter-oriented than single-family. With minimal supply and increased need, CWS was in the ideal position to grow. What did we do?

My Father’s Influence

In this video, I pay tribute to my father Sherman Carmell. He was a very special person who left an indelible imprint on my life. He truly made his mark in the world despite having passed away at the relatively young age of 67. While he has been gone since 1997, I still feel his presence and guidance each and every day.

The Power of Partnership – When 1+1=3

In this video, I discuss the power of partnerships both personally in my marriage to my life partner, Roneet, and my business partners at CWS. Each has proven to me over and over again that optimal decision making occurs in collaboration with caring compassionate honest people who offer a set of skills and strengths that are complementary to yours.

Go Variable Young Man – Variable Rate Loans vs. Fixed

In this video, I talk about how CWS Capital Partners unconventional use of variable rate loans vs. fixed rate loans is a vital key to our success and that of our investors. See why and also how LIBOR factors in.

CWS Capital Partners – Our Investors Are Our Partners

CWS Capital Partners is a real estate investment management firm founded in 1969. We own operate, manage and develop in excess of 20,000 apartment units throughout the country primarily in the Sunbelt, with a value in excess of $3 billion dollars.

The Banana Story – Learning From a Simple Example

This is a uniquely surprising video. Out of all of my videos, this is genuinely one of my favorites because it shows how a simple change can make an enormous impact. Keep your eyes ears and mind open at all times. You never know when your “Banana Story” will present itself.


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