The Philosophical Investor - Book Testimonials

I am so honored by the tremendous support I have received from the eight extraordinary individuals that provided testimonials for my book. You have made a tremendous contribution towards the achievement of one of my lifetime goals of writing a book that I hope can offer great value for many years to come. I cannot thank you enough for your very kind words, and I am honored to have my book be associated with individuals I hold in such high regard.

Howard Marks, Co-chairman of Oaktree Capital ManagementThe Philosophical Investor does a good job with some important topics: detecting patterns in events; controlling emotion; and recognizing the special moments that make for an exceptional investing record. It’s well worth reading.”

Howard Marks
Oaktree Capital Management

Hugh Frater, Chairman, Berkadia“Gary Carmell’s book is a wonderful and highly personal journey through the investment world, drawing on sources as diverse as Joseph Campbell, George Soros, Schopenauer and Bob Dylan. The Philosophical Investor is a fascinating read reminiscent of both Fooled By Randomness and The Big Short in its discussion of the prerequisite ability of successful investors to recognize, avoid and take risks that the crowd does not perceive. The track record of he and his partners in building their firm is almost as enviable as his ability to describe with wit and insight the tenets of successful investing.”

Hugh Frater

Bob Tabor, President/CEO, Walker & Dunlop“Carmell’s honest, personal, and insightful account of how he and his partners have generated outsized returns for their investors over the course of thirty years is a must read — whether you are curious about simply making money, or the more complex challenge of living an honest, loving, and engaged life.”

Willy Walker
Walker & Dunlop

Timothy J Ballard, President, Buchanan Street Partners“Carmell presents a very compelling investment discipline based upon strong underlying principles. All investors can learn from his ability to draw valuable perspective from many areas, including philosophy, music, history as well as his own life experiences. One of the most important foundations for investment success is a thirst for knowledge and understanding – Carmell is the epitome of this.”

Timothy J Ballard
Buchanan Street Partners

Brian Stoffers, Global President of Debt & Structured Finance, CBREThe Philosophical Investor is full of great investment advice and gives the reader many useful approaches to making financial decisions. Truly a fun and inspiring read that will leave a lasting impression!”

Brian Stoffers
Global President of Debt & Structured Finance

Stephen Chung, Managing Director, Zeppelin Real Estate Analysis, Hong Kong“Gary is analytical, independently-minded, and meticulous in his investment approach. He is one of the first people from whom I would seek advice regarding US properties, and The Philosophical Investor is a must-read for investors interested in the US apartment sector.”

Stephen Chung
Managing Director
Zeppelin Real Estate Analysis
Hong Kong

Founder and Chairman, Consolidated Investment Group“Successful individuals have an intensity and unwavering positive attitude towards attaining their goals. They will not wait for favorable moments, rather they bring creativity, hard work, dedication and focus to create their own moments of success. They surround themselves with the best people and create a culture of excellence. Many books have been written to guide readers as to how to create wealth. Carmel has lived a life of creating wealth for himself and his investors using the principles of this book.”

David Merage
Founder and Chairman
Consolidated Investment Group


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