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Having a Ball in Paris

I have been contending with a sciatica challenge for at least five years now. I have a nerve that is 50% damaged, and it seems to be regressing. I have seen a chiropractor and had an epidural, but so far, to no avail.

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Peak Performance in Mallorca

Gary Carmell Juan Rafael Nadal Academy May 2023

Last week I had the great pleasure of returning to Mallorca with Heather to participate in another tennis excursion. I have learned some good tips that I hope to continue to apply to improve my game. The highlight so far (it’s still going on as I write this),

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R.I.P. Sam Zell

Sam Zell

Legendary real estate investor Sam Zell passed away last week at 81. He was clearly a larger-than-life figure who communicated in a very unfiltered way such that you always knew what he thought and where he stood. 

In the last year or two,

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Running the Numbers to Accept Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

Gary CWS Annual Investor Meeting

Last week we had our annual investor meeting. It was the first time we met in person since 2019. It was so nice to be together again. Despite not communicating the rosiest of messages, it was an evening that had great positive energy.

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Getting in the Arena in Austin - Resilience

The Road to Resilience Gary Carmell

One of the beneficial things about writing a blog each week is that it helps me prepare for presentations that I have to do periodically. Last week we had our national meeting in Austin for many of our CWS employees, and this week we have our annual investor meeting.

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10 Years Later: Getting in the Game and Staying in the Game

10th Blogging Anniversary May 2, 2013

This week is the 10th anniversary of my website going live, and during this decade, I have fortunately been able to write a blog each week without interruption. It has helped me become more observant and focused while on vacations knowing I will write about some of them while away.

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The Squeeze Is On

Squeeze FRED

As this chart shows, the yield continues to invert with 3-month Treasury Bill yields substantially higher than 10-year Treasury Note yields.

10-year treasury constant maturity minus 3-month treasury constant maturity 1986 - 2023

As I wrote about previously, Fed Chairman Jay Powell discounted traditional yield curve indicators such as the differential between 10s and 3-month T Bills and 10s and 2-year Treasury yields.

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Where Do We Go from Here? Life's Inflection Points

Gary - Where Do We Go from Here_ Life's Inflection Points

Where do we go from here

Now that all of the children are growin’ up?

And how do we spend our lives

If there’s no one to lend us a hand?

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Valuable Lessons and Surprises in Surprise

Gary Carmell National Tennis Tournament April 2, 2023 B

Last week I wrote about my preparation for playing in a tennis tournament in Surprise, AZ. This week I’m going to report on the results, my experience, and lessons learned. As Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” 

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Training for Lucidity

USTA NTRP National Championship March 31, 2023

Because my blogs need to be approved by CWS’ compliance personnel, I do my best to ensure they are done by Friday so that the reviewers don’t have to work on weekends. Given that the blog is published on Mondays, there are times when events have transpired that may have altered what I wrote had there not been such a delay.

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