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Nu Cases and A London Travel Log

London Omicron Travel log

With the Omicron variant, originally called Nu, capturing global headlines and concern that it is so different from other variants due to the number of mutations it possesses, there is deep concern that the global economy will go back into lockdown mode.

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Passing the Baton

investor passing the baton

I was going to do a bit of a travelogue from my trip to London but one vital lesson I have come to learn in life is the importance and power of commitments. When one makes a commitment then it often requires preparation to honor that commitment.

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Cats in London (Not the Play)

Gary in London with Beer in November 2021

I was in London last week for my first international trip since March 2020. It was nice to be overseas again. Given time constraints I will target sharing more of a pictorial journey of my trip after I get back. I like keeping a travel log via this blog as it can serve as a diary of my excursions around the world and gives me a place I can return to if I want to revisit some of those trips.

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Supply Chain Woes - An On The Ground Perspective

supply chain

Our supply chain debacle is front and center for virtually every person in the U.S. in one way or another. This chart is fascinating to me in that orders are now about 5% above previous cycle peaks. 

Manufacturers New Orders Excluding Transportation ($mm) 2005 - 2021 Supply Chain

And yet,

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An Unfolding Story - Profound Loss and Gratitude 3 Years After

Roneet Carmell

Milestones represent opportunities to reflect. Some are happy events while others can be quite devastating, with many in between. Three years ago my wife of nearly 30 years, Roneet, passed away. It was so unexpected and untimely that it brought me,

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Powerful Lessons from Tennis in the Desert

Tennis in the Dessert

I had the incredible pleasure of attending the BNP Paribas tennis tournament in Indian Wells, California. It is a beautiful facility and was purchased by Larry Ellison in 2009 and he has spared no expense to have it live up to the vision of it being a tennis paradise.

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A Graphical Extravaganza with a Little Hemingway Thrown in

I thought I would return to a post focusing on charts that I found compelling this past week. The Fed is now telegraphing an imminent slowdown of its purchases of Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities. The reaction of bond investors led to a narrowing of the yield curve.

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Energy Crunch - The Co(a)ld Hard Facts and Opportunities

Energy Crunch - The Co(a)ld Hard Facts and Opportunities

One can see that natural gas has gained the most market share of the world energy supply between 1973-2019. Oil’s share has dropped quite significantly during this same time frame. With that being said the second chart shows that it has still grown materially but not nearly as much as natural gas and nuclear.

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Soar with your Strengths, Not your Passions: More Advice for your Kids

public speaking Soar with your Strengths, Not your Passions

A few years ago I did 23andMe. I was not only curious about my ancestry but what medical risks might be present based on my DNA. Fortunately, I don’t appear to be predisposed to any serious ailments. Over the course of its many years in business,

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The China Syndrome - Contrarian Real Estate Opportunity? Perilous Times

Evergrande China Syndrome

China has been capturing a lot of headlines with the implosion of the country’s largest homebuilder, Evergrande. It has an estimated $300 billion in liabilities and approximately 1.4 million homes under construction or with deposits obligating them to build homes in the future.

Evergrande Group Insolvency

This is a big deal as a disorderly collapse of the Evergrande Group can have huge ramifications on the economy and social stability.

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