Meet Gary Carmell

Gary Carmell

As the president of CWS Capital Partners LLC, an investment management firm based in Newport Beach California and Austin Texas, I am not your typical financial advisor. Like most investment advisors, I am passionate about helping individuals amass great wealth yet where I differ is I am also passionate about helping our investors become wealthy in life.

I have distinguished myself by incorporating the philosophical teachings of some of the greatest minds of our time into innovative financial-planning strategies. I delve into this subject in great detail in my new book, ‘The Philosophical Investor: Transforming Wisdom into Wealth.’

By tapping into the diverse experiences and theories of revolutionary thinkers like German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, William Shakespeare, mythologist Joseph Campbell, economist John Maynard Keynes, Warren Buffett, George Soros, famed investor Charlie Munger – in my “Munger Moments”, physicist Richard Feynman, Bob Dylan, Epictetus, Aristotle, the Grateful Dead, and so many others, I strive to teach investors how to think more independently and invest more wisely.

I work to lead readers away from the pitfalls that typical investors face when they make impulsive, emotional decisions and by allowing fear or excitement to dictate financial choices. “While that kind of thinking served human evolution in the wilderness, it is disastrous for investors in the market.” Instead, I describe how a measured and rational approach to investing, drawing on the elements of classic philosophy, history, and practical experience is best because, as I say in my book, Shift Happens.

Through some real-world examples, I have pulled from my decades as a financial expert and personal lessons drawn from my life as a husband and father, I hope to provide thought-provoking firsthand narratives on how to unleash the power of wisdom and transfer that into wealth.

To truly know me is to also know how important my family is to me. I was married to my wife and life partner Roneet for more than 29 years. She passed suddenly in late 2018.  Roneet and I have two accomplished adult children, Jacob and Ariella. I credit my success in life to the strength they provide me with each and every day.


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