The Roneet Carmell Center for Jewish Life

The Roneet Carmell Center for Jewish Life Giving Back

Since Roneet’s passing, I have embarked upon a few different philanthropic endeavors to honor her memory.

The establishment of The Roneet Carmell Center for Jewish Life is by far the most ambitious in terms of the financial commitment and the legacy created.

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So why did I want to take on a significant role in this?

I am a huge fan of Rabbi Shuey Eliezrie and his extraordinary commitment and dedication to Judaism. He creates a place of warmth that is welcoming to any and all in the community that wants to worship the important Jewish milestones in their lives.

Rabbi Shuey Eliezrie Roneet Carmell

With who Roneet was as a person, I thought that it would be symbiotic creating a legacy that she would be proud of. Upon completion of The Roneet Carmell Center for Jewish Life, I envision kids running around on the playground while their families attend services. I also picture families proudly having Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for their children there. What filled Roneet with joy was celebrating with family and friends especially during traditional Jewish events and milestones.

Roneet not only lived for the moment, but also had incredible ideals and values, and had a very strong moral code which would allow her to keep her eye on the big picture and long-term future goals. She had an uncanny ability to see how decisions made today could have consequences down the line. Her heart could forgive and she was so kind and compassionate. She truly felt the pain of others and gave of herself in every interaction.

Roneet was the embodiment of doing good deeds for others bringing people together. She was a connector. With this new synagogue and learning center, we will have the potential to do the same by bringing the community together to worship, learn, celebrate monumental life events, and to experience the totality of life.

I am honored to play my part to help bring people together in ways that Roneet did so naturally and joyfully while she was alive and will continue long after I join her in eternity.

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