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Turning a Liability into Asset via the Sale of a 100 Year Old House

Starting in 2012, my late wife and I began to invest in residential real estate beyond our primary residence and CWS investments. In 2013 Roneet decided that she wanted to have a small weekend place in Laguna Beach. I thought it was an idea definitely worth exploring,

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A Need for Speed in 2023

speed reading

With 2022 coming to an end and 2023 now upon us, I thought I would reflect on a great tool that I have been using that leaves me feeling that I am going into 2023 with some momentum. I also had a couple of insights that I applied toward the end of the year that I will target to discuss in next week’s blog. 

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Working from the Solution: Lessons from Firing the Pool Guy

Pool Guy Fired

I’m usually a very patient person, and sometimes, it’s to my detriment. It can lead me to tolerate situations longer than I should. On the other hand, when I have reached the end of my rope, then watch out as I can be quite decisive in taking action to change the situation,

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I Hope I Live So I Never Get Old

The Who Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend B

A few weeks ago, I saw The Who in concert in Orange County. On a whim, I decided to see if tickets were available two days before the show, and sure enough, I could find some reasonably priced. It was the third time I had seen the band.

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Purchasing Power and Paris

Paris Gary and Heather October 2022

Although the hawkish Fed has made it more challenging for many businesses in the United States, it has also resulted in some beneficiaries. One is just plain old savers who, during Covid, essentially earned 0% on their idle savings. With the Fed aggressively raising short-term rates,

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Four Years Later: Pain, Loss, Growth, and the Wisdom of Nick Cave

Gary pain loss

I’m writing this sitting on a massage roller because I am dealing with some persistent hip and back pain. The unfortunate byproduct of this is that it has become very difficult to play tennis because each time I plant my left foot with any kind of force there is shooting pain is triggered in the left hip.

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Lag Effects and the Kamikazi Fed

Kamakazi Fed

One of the things that I periodically do with my trainer are exercises that focus on getting my heart rate to 80% of its maximum after starting at 75%. It’s done to stress the heart and to see how quickly it can recover. I have used an exercise bike and versa climber to facilitate this,

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Rafa's Magnificent Mallorca

Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre Gary Carmell

I had the great pleasure of spending five days on the incredibly beautiful island of Mallorca, which is part of Spain but south of the mainland. The main purpose for going there was to take tennis lessons over three days at the Rafa Nadal Academy.

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Half Way There? Investing Legends and Longevity

Investing Legends

Labor Day is always a good time to reflect on people who love what they do. The recent passing of famed investor Julian Robertson at the age of 90 got me thinking about other legendary investors who also lived very long lives, including those still living.

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(And) So it Goes

Gary Grateful Dead June 2022 Palo Alto

Preface: This turned out far longer than I was expecting but so it goes.

One of the more profound lyrics of the Grateful Dead is “Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” That has played out throughout much of my life with epiphanies and insights from unexpected sources that have altered my path,

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