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Choose One's Models Carefully

Chinese Labor

Japan has been my model for why I think interest rates will stay low. Its rapidly aging society has led to a shrinking pool of labor over the last two decades which has led to less consumption and more savings. In addition, public spending has increased significantly to help keep the economy growing in the face of strong demographic headwinds.

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Zero Sum Thinking - Winner Take All

It’s pretty clear that Donald Trump views virtually everything from the prism of winning and losing. And every issue is looked at with a very short term horizon. There does not appear to be any satisfaction derived by developing a long-term strategy, methodically implementing it, and seeing the seeds planted blossom into a beautiful garden that is sustainable and beneficial to all.

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How Strong Are Older Families' Financial Report Cards?

Report Card

Last week I discussed research showing the correlation between wealth and education. The Federal Reserve followed up with additional research about wealth and demographics, the subject of this post. More specifically, wealth and age. Not surprisingly, the older a household is the more wealth has been generated since people have had more time to save and invest.

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How To Find Satisfaction in Retirement

Happy Retirement

With the baby boomers starting to descend down the other side of the hill with millions soon following, retirement planning has understandably become not only very important but big business as well. Most of what future retirees and financial advisors focus on are how to prepare financially so that not only can people have the choice to retire but once they do they don’t outlive their money.

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Best Advice You'll Ever Read - Keys to a Fulfilling Life

Best Advice Philosophical Investor

With this being a Labor Day week I thought I would take it a little easier and outsource this week’s investment wisdom to a Wall Street legend, Byron Wien. He put together some of the most important lessons of his first 80 years and they represent some of the best advice I have ever read.

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