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The Power of Thanks and Giving

givingWith this being Thanksgiving week I thought I would do a little philosophical reflection. With the exception of FDR changing when Thanksgiving took place in order to help retailers so that it didn’t fall so close to Christmas and dilute the purchases during that time, it’s actually a quite brilliant,

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Hope Is Not A Strategy - Don't Discount Liberal Arts!

hope is not a strategy

This will be my last blog post related to Andrew Carnegie. All good things must come to an end. When I started at CWS out of college my first boss asked me what my major was and I told him political science. He had an engineering background and kind of snickered and asked what I planned to do with that degree and if I considered “opening up a political science store.” I laughed it off and gave the standard retort that I thought it would help me be a better writer and think critically.

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Benefits of Philanthropy - Give it Away Now..or Later

Carnegie HallI was recently in New York City and stayed near Carnegie Hall which is fitting since I wrote about Andrew Carnegie last week and plan to continue with discussing him again this week. Carnegie Hall is one of the great legacies he left behind. Despite being in one of the premier locations in the world and having such a rich history,

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