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A Stunning Cubs Victory and A Depressing Election

Chicago Cubs vs. ElectionIt is estimated that over 40 million people watched the riveting game seven of the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. Having grown up in Chicago and being a former peanut vendor at Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park (where the White Sox used to play) I was emotionally invested in the Cubs.

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The Banana Story – Learning from a Simple Example

You are probably wondering why the author, business executive, investor Gary Carmell, author of The Philosophical Investor Transforming Wisdom into Wealth is holding a banana!

A lot can be learned from a simple example.

[Video Transcribed]

My book focuses significantly on the powerful intersection between intelligent investing and intelligent living and the importance of having a way of viewing the world that is quite independent and quite authentic.

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Turn and Face the Strange - Advice for Successful Life & Investing


There is understandably a lot of fear, trepidation, and obsession about death and mortality. When I find myself inspired to think more deeply about particular subjects, I often find myself going back to some of the world’s great philosophers. In this case, I turned to Socrates who had an interesting perspective on death.

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What To Avoid So That Your Happiness Continues

Avoid so Happiness Continues

Following up from last week’s blog post that discussed Bertrand Russell’s Conquest of Happiness, this week will focus on some of the actions we can take and the ways we can train ourselves to welcome more happiness into our lives.

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The Surprising Benefits of Boredom and Holiday Happiness

Christmas Happiness

With this being the week of Christmas I thought it would be appropriate to revisit one of my favorite topics: Happiness

Bertrand Russell was one of the west’s great intellectuals. He created the field of logical mathematics which led to the creation of the computer and the life-changing work of Alan Turing.

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Lessons for Parents from San Bernardino

San Bernardino ParentsThe horrific shootings in San Bernardino seemed to confirm the inevitable that fundamentalist Islamic terror would eventually hit the United States in a less spectacular fashion than 9/11. This was carried out by essentially a home-grown individual who seemed to integrate well in the work environment that he left in a wake of carnage.

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Hope Is Not A Strategy - Don't Discount Liberal Arts!

hope is not a strategy

This will be my last blog post related to Andrew Carnegie. All good things must come to an end. When I started at CWS out of college my first boss asked me what my major was and I told him political science. He had an engineering background and kind of snickered and asked what I planned to do with that degree and if I considered “opening up a political science store.” I laughed it off and gave the standard retort that I thought it would help me be a better writer and think critically.

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Regret Minimization is a Powerful Motivator in Life


Before being hired by CWS, I had to do a personality profile that literally was an all-day affair. One of the questions I remember required me to fill in the blank after starting off with “Happiness is_____”. Without much reflection,

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Should You Focus Relentlessly On The Process Or Goals?

Process or GoalsPaul O’Neill, who ran Alcoa and quintupled profits during his 13-year tenure, famously focused on one keystone habit to transform the company. It’s worker safety. Analysts and investors couldn’t believe their ears when he was introduced as the new CEO when he said that would be the company’s most important focus.

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Flow - The 8 Elements of Enjoyment

Flow Enjoyment

For many years I have wanted to read the book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience but think I have subconsciously put it off because of the author’s unpronounceable name (at least to me) for fear if someone asked me who wrote it I wouldn’t be able to say his name.

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