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Please note that since the S.E.C. thinks some of my blogs crossover in terms of promoting CWS or making investment recommendations, they now need to be reviewed by our Chief Compliance Officer before being posted. As a result, after this week I anticipate that future blogs will be posted on Tuesday. And while I would like to keep the Monday schedule I don’t think this is possible to commit to now that sign off from compliance is now necessary.

I have done this before but I thought it was time to revisit the art and discipline of haikus. I love the creativity and focus that comes from the constraints of writing only three lines with five, seven, and five syllables for each one. It forces me to think very precisely about what I want to convey. I also like them because I write some and store them for future posts, particularly when I’m very busy or have a lot of travel. This is the case as last week was quite busy.

Without further ado, here are my latest haiku musings.

What’s in a tweet?

Quite a bit as Trump has shown

Ask Mister Market


Negative interest

Crushing European banks

Is the U.S. next?


Late in the cycle?

Apartment rents suggest not

How long will they rise?


Libor is dropping

Helping our cash flow projections

We love floating rates


The Middle East flares

But will it ever calm down?

Israel still grows


Failure to prepare

Heightens the risk of failing

Consider the risks


Tweets, tariffs oh my

Trump’s reality television

The way to view him


How low can rates go?

Zero seems to be the trend

Aging societies


Aging societies

The most significant trend

This will keep rates low


Ed Sheeran tour bucks

Highest gross in history

So profitable


Who will soon prevail?

Left, right, or center who knows?

The outcome matters


When I feel badly

I focus on helping others

Defuse the ego


Relentless Bezos

Scares many and inspires

Day one every day


When do we fix rates?

History suggests never

HUD has some appeal


Apartments are stable

Technology races ahead

Don’t be complacent


Alabama is Trump’s thorn

Is Orwell coming to roost?

Trump never wrong. Sad!


Anti-trust heats up

Facebook and Google hot water

Success is a bitch


Rent control is real

Populism is alive



I am what I am

I am what I say I am

Be kind to myself


You are where you are

What is being called of you?

Think about that now


Listen to your gut

That gnawing feeling says much

Thinking and feeling


Read Thinking in Bets

Your confidence will lessen

Which is a good thing


We tend to believe

And find evidence for it

And then we confirm


Bets are always made

Most are unconsciously done

Be overt about them


Outcry about vaping

What about assault weapons?

Where is the risk?


Money for nothing

MMT’s controversy

Is this accurate?


Who will win next year?

The answer is important

Different futures?



I recommend this approach

It counteracts fear

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