The Power of Partnerships - When 1+1=3

Here is another one of my periodic videos that I made to convey some of the key points of my book. This one conveys the power of partnerships. Enjoy!

[Video¬†Transcription ] In my book, The Philosophical Investor Transforming Wisdom into Wealth, there’s a chapter on the power of partnerships, actually two. The positive results that I have gotten in my personal life in my marriage to my life partner Roneet and my business partners at CWS have proven to me over and over again that optimal decision making occurs in collaboration with caring compassionate honest people who offer a set of skills and strengths that are complementary to yours.

The Power of Partnerships


As human beings, we are so susceptible to misjudgment and biases and the fear of failure or looking foolish that we put ourselves in positions to make decisions that are, not always, in our best interests.

Arthur Schopenhauer, the 19th-century philosopher, that has a central role in my book said,

'What Doctor examines themselves?' Arthur SchopenhauerClick To Tweet

They always go to other doctors because they can’t rely upon themselves to do a full and complete examination.

In a similar vein, when we are making very important and monumental decisions in our life it’s critical that we tap into people who can help us look at the world more clearly than we otherwise could and tell us where we may be off base and where they agree with us and it’s that open honest collaborative environment that can lead to a much better outcome than if I rely just on myself.

It’s been said that,

'A good friend is one who stabs you in the front and not in the back.'Click To Tweet

and I have found that with my incredible partners at CWS and at home with my wife that when I’m off they tell me and they tell me because they care about me and they don’t want to see me go off track. I’d like to think that I would do the same, so when all is said and done my experience has taught me that one plus one often times equals three in a great partnership.

Over to You:

Do you have strong and powerful partnerships in your own life? How do they enhance your life both personally and professionally?

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  1. Always excellent and practical insights, Gary. Keep the investors remembering the human dimension!

  2. Donna Kuski says:

    Eighteen years later, I still reflect on my working partnership with C.W.S. team. Best employment ever both personally, and professionally.

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