The Banana Story – Learning from a Simple Example

You are probably wondering why the author, business executive, investor Gary Carmell, author of The Philosophical Investor Transforming Wisdom into Wealth is holding a banana!

A lot can be learned from a simple example.

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My book focuses significantly on the powerful intersection between intelligent investing and intelligent living and the importance of having a way of viewing the world that is quite independent and quite authentic.

One of the most important philosophers that I tap into is Arthur Schopenhauer, a 19th century German, ornery individual, who had extraordinary insight into human nature. He said that the key in life is not to see things that no one else sees but to think what no one else has thought about that which everyone sees.

Enter the Banana!

For years in my life, I’ve had a healthy addiction of making a smoothie every morning that has a banana in it. For years, I would peel the banana the way that 99.9% of people do from the stem down like you see monkeys doing.

Our brilliant CFO at CWS and I were talking one day, he had a banana in his hand and for some reason, he showed me that he opens his banana from the other end.

Boy, that was life changing!

It was so much easier.

There was no struggle involved.

From here on out I realized how much easier life was to go through and how much better it was. What a great lesson it was just to look at something a little differently than the consensus. The best part is you can have a much better result.

I have to thank my friend and co-worker Brian for introducing this to me. I thought I would share it with you because it was so impactful to my life and me, and it’s a great metaphor for what my book is all about.

Over to You:

Have you ever tried doing something differently from the way that others do it with massively impactful results similar to the way to peel a banana?

What was it?

How did it make a difference in your investing, your business or your life in general?

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