Investing Haiku #2 - Philosophically Speaking

Here is part two of Investing Haiku:

Investing Haiku


Don’t overlook people

Projections soon become moot

People steer the ship


Great investors read

They are never not reading

Stay curious all the time


Capital compounds

The eighth wonder of the world

Proven by Buffett


Staying power is crucial

Pessimism can run wild

Avoid forced selling


Optimism often pays

Avoid being a permabear

This will destroy wealth


The world is non-linear

It cannot be modeled

Do not forget this


Strong pricing power

So important for investing

Find those businesses


Find imbalances

They will correct at some point

The question is when


Money is stored labor

Keep thinking of it that way

Honor that labor


Don’t let money own you

It should be circulated

Keep it by giving it


Avoid scarcity

See abundance everywhere

Attitude is key


Desire what you have

Don’t envy what you desire

Your cup is very full


Everything changes

Always look on the bright side

Be optimistic


Knowledge is power

The world is very noisy

Finding signals is the key


Uncover blindspots

Know what triggers you and why

Slay those dragons now


Find beauty in all

Investing can be artful

Craft your masterpiece


Focus on habits

This can’t be overstated enough

We are our habits


Please follow your bliss

Put your money in service

For you and others


Grow passive income

Assets will then work for you

This expands freedom


Rough seas will occur

Have life vests to be prepared

Focus on the downside


Can’t buy me love

Only the heart can find love

Don’t ignore your heart

Over to You:

When you say so little yet mean so much the Haiku is complete. The same applies to investing, the premise behind true wealth doesn’t have to be a complex algorithm or formula. In in Chapter 20 of my book, The Philosophical Investor – Transforming Wisdom into Wealth, I defined what makes someone wealthy as:

An individual possesses wealth if he or she has the wisdom to avoid catastrophic errors, the hunger to look within to correct and grow from mistakes, the resources (financial, physical, and emotional) to recover from setbacks, and the courage to seize opportunity, and through it all is able to experience life with love, compassion, joy, and wonder.

Any questions?

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