True Wealth - How to Know if You Are Truly Wealthy?

This week I will return to one of the videos that I shot on true wealth to discuss various elements of my book that I think communicate the most important messages. Hopefully they will inspire one to read the book versus feeling like they have already read it!

Let’s start with a basic question – How do you know if you are truly wealthy?

  • Is wealth determined by the size of your bank account?
  • Or your home acreage plot?
  • Or maybe just the amount of days you wake up free of stress and full of joy?

All are good answers, and all are correct.  As I have mentioned previously, individuals possess wealth if they possess a couple of basic things, none of which are material. Well actually they’re very material in that they are quite important but not material from a financial standpoint:

  • The wisdom to avoid catastrophic errors;
  • The hunger to look within to correct and grow from mistakes, which includes the foresight to prepare for pitfalls and setbacks;
  • The resources (financial, physical, and emotional) to recover from those setbacks;
  • And the courage to seize the opportunity
  • The ability to experience life with love, compassion, joy, and wonder even when it doesn’t go as expected.

In short, WRRCA or “W-Rocka!”: Wisdom, Reality, Resilience, Courage, and Authenticity.

How you come to ‘W-Rocka’ is why I wrote ‘The Philosophical Investor,’ which is my personal journey learning the value and true meaning of wealth.

I have been guided along the way by brilliant philosophers, investors, economists, and physicists, among others.  Each has taught me that truly wealthy individuals possess far more than abundant financial resources.  And looking back, I believe I can help anyone learn what I have by offering my experiences and the lessons they taught me.

I hope you enjoy the video and you are able to apply some of these key attributes of wealth to your daily life.

Over to You:

What is your definition of being truly wealthy? 


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