Same As It Ever Was

Gary's mom, daughter, wife, and business colleague

Gary’s mom, daughter, wife, and business colleague

My professional responsibilities and passions are centered on enhancing the lives of our investors by generating compelling investment returns without taking excessive risk. If we do this well then our employees and key principals should benefit accordingly. Our core competency at CWS Capital Partners is in the apartment industry through the acquisition, management, and development of apartment communities. Over the years I have found it helpful to crystallize my thinking with regard to our strategy and direction by communicating extensively in writing to our investors. This blog is intended to represent a more real time insight into my current thinking. Although our current investors may find some of the postings quite tangential to apartment investing, I have come to learn it’s very important to have an open mind in terms of how insights can materialize. To quote a Grateful Dead song, “Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” I hope followers will find this blog interesting, thought provoking, educational, and entertaining.

I have called the blog Same As It Ever Was because I believe that with rare exception, there is very little new under the sun and I hope to convey this time and again. By looking into the past and finding parallels (particularly from the 1930s) we at CWS Capital Partners have been able to widen our knowledge base beyond just we had experienced in order to capitalize on the extraordinary opportunities that have unfolded as we transition to more of a Renter Nation. We were able to navigate through the Great Recession such that we were not burdened by legacy challenges so that we could be in a position to capitalize on the immense opportunities that were unfolding in the apartment investing arena. By tapping into history, psychology, economics, and philosophy, we have been able to have more courage when others were fearful and to be more fearful when others were too exuberant.

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4 comments on “Same As It Ever Was
  1. Heidi Garland says:

    Gary – Love your blog! I’ve been a big fan of your articles for the CWS Quarterly Update for some time. Whether it’s your “Fasten Your Seat Belt for the Ultimate Market Ride” in 1998, or the “Lola Economy” (great article that plays off of the lyrics to the Kinks song “Lola”) in 2008, you have a unique way of capturing the readers attention. I’m looking forward to future articles.

  2. Gary Carmell says:

    Thank you Heidi. You have always been my biggest fan and greatest advocate. Thank you for all of your encouragement. Please keep coming back and reading the blog and letting me know what you think (as you always do when it comes to my writings).

  3. Dan Fischer says:

    Gary – Nice job! I always enjoy your insight and wisdom. I’ve placed you in my favorites right below Pandora and above

    • Gary Carmell says:

      Thank you Dan. I have always appreciated your support over the years. Just let me know what I have to do to get placed above Pandora! Yeah, right, like I would even place my own page above incredible music. I’m just glad that for now I’m even mentioned in the same sentence.

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