Only in America

Wal-Mart obviously generates a lot of strong reactions. There are those who love it because it has brought lower prices to those who need it the most combined with a strong selection. Others believe it represents everything wrong with America. A relentless focus on cost control at the expense of “living wages”, global supply chain, etc. Nevertheless, this video of its history of growth is quite impressive.

Sam Walton was an extraordinary entrepreneur with a maniacal focus and grand vision for his business. When combined with his ability to access capital to grow through the public capital markets and prudent reinvestment of retained earnings, the company has been one of America’s greatest financial successes. To scale a business of that magnitude, implement a global supply chain, and deliver great value and service (although this is coming into question more and more, especially by articles lamenting too few workers not being able to stock shelves adequately). It’s challenging enough to run a business with 10 employees, let alone one with over one million with a global footprint.

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